The SYNERGI Star Wellness Assessment

Discover Your Star Performance. Where Do You Shine?

The SYNERGI Star Wellness Assessment™ establishes a baseline performance measurement using a holistic approach to evaluate your overall health and wellness. This assessment is based on seven archetypes that are the foundation of maximum health, wellness, and productivity. An archetype is a universal pattern of behavior that, once discovered, helps us understand ourselves and our place in the world with greater clarity.

Find out the archetypes where you shine and thrive most and those which are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.

It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.


“Prananaz’ assessment successfully helped me visualize where I personally am on my wellness spectrum and where I wanted to focus my energy. We set goals in a very clear, concise, and tangible way; and created a custom  plan to get there. I found her private coaching style very effective!”  ~ Director of Wellness Services at San Francisco General Hospital

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